GenderWorks Male Ally Story Project

Male allies are everywhere, including in lots of places you might not expect. We want to share their stories.

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on the men who:

  • Facilitate opportunities for women
  • Mentor and support women
  • Help women see their capabilities and talents
  • Empower women to reach their career goals


Historic Oscar Moment Showcases the Power of a Male Ally

Hannah Beachler, the first woman and first African American to win the Oscar for production design, provided a moving tribute to her male ally:

“I stand here stronger than I was yesterday. I stand here with agency and self-worth because of Ryan Coogler, who not only made me a better designer, a better storyteller, a better person. I stand here because of this man who offered me a different perspective of life, who offered me a safe space, who is patient and gave me air, humanity, and brotherhood. Thank you, Ryan. I love you.”

We’ve been asking women:

“Who are the men who have made an important difference in your career journey?”

We welcome you to share your own male ally stories

  • We’ll follow up to schedule an interview

Male allies are called by many names – champions, ambassadors, and advocates to name a few. They support and encourage women in the workforce through their words and their actions.

Male Ally Stories

A Male Ally Provides Visibility and Confidence

A Male Ally Provides Visibility and Confidence

Jayne was a mid-career professional working in corporate human resources for a large consumer electronics company. Brett, an acquaintance and the executive leading a major company-wide change initiative, tapped Jayne to join his leadership team for the multi-year...

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The Male Ally Perspective: Leaving Talent on the Bench

The Male Ally Perspective: Leaving Talent on the Bench

In response to the question, “Who or what influenced your early thoughts about gender?,” Jeff credited his mother, who he described as a strong woman, and his high school English teacher. He remembered his teacher as the first person who talked explicitly about...

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