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Sometimes the Only Thing to Do Is Pause

We were completing this week’s newsletter on the topic, How Women Create Greater Equality in the World but then we had to pause. Let us explain.
Based on our work with male allies, a key way that women drive change is by sharing their experiences and talking with the men in their lives about gender and inequality (of any kind).

Shifts in Mindset Characterize Male Ally Journey: New Video Series

In our work with men, we observe shifts in their thinking and perspective as they become engaged in diversity work and learn about gender-related issues that many women confront in the workplace. We’re excited to kick off a series of short videos highlighting important mindset shifts that characterize men’s journeys.

Shifts in Mindset Characterize Male Ally Journey: Mindset Shift Two

Last week we launched GenderWorks’ video series on Mindset Shifts for Men along their male ally journeys. The 1st mindset shift we featured highlighted men moving FROM seeing individual stories of women confronting gender-related challenges as isolated incidents TO seeing the systemic nature of workplace inequality for women.