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Tackling the Root Causes to DEI Progress: Paradigm-Busting Approaches That Transform

In this newsletter, we share paradigm-busting approaches that expedite progress and help take DEI efforts to a whole new level. One of the paradoxical realities with regard to strengthening gender diversity in companies is the abundant female talent hiding in plain sight. Inhospitable work cultures drive women to leave companies, industries, and the workplace altogether or to downshift their career aspirations, feeling discouraged and frustrated but remaining because they need the income to support their families.

Why Engaging Men as Allies Is a Diversity Game Changer

Strengthening gender diversity (actually diversity of all kinds) is a rallying cry for organizations because they understand the clear business benefits of women in leadership and as part of diverse teams. Despite efforts to create a robust pipeline of women leaders, for many progress seems underwhelming and gender balance a pipe dream.

Appreciating What’s Special About Men

Sunday is Father’s Day and as I think about living in my own gender lab over the last two decades – with my husband (and GenderWorks advisor) Bryan and our two young adult sons – I reflect on those things that I so appreciate about these special men in my life.

The Big Equality Myth

A huge barrier to greater equality is the false belief that inequities affecting others are ‘not about me.’
Black men and women – who report direct experience of discrimination in the workplace to a much greater degree than whites – are far more likely than their white colleagues to indicate workplace diversity is important. Similarly, men report substantially less experience of gender inequities than women, and don’t see gender diversity as a priority. In a recent survey of business men, three in four business men indicated, ‘their sense that gender issues don’t concern men was a key roadblock to their interest in gender equity.’

Rethinking Men Mentoring Women

Mentoring is a core way in which organizations seek to develop women leaders and men are often in the mentor role. At GenderWorks, we see two primary ways of rethinking the approach to men mentoring women that will move organizations far closer to their diversity goals.